Dundee and Angus family photography

Well...this is me.

Your friendly Dundee and Angus family photography type person. Hey there!

These are a couple of fairly rare images of me in front of the camera because, really I'm guessing I'm just like you and much prefer to be behind it!

My days are currently filled with raising (or attempting to raise) two fast moving, fun loving, little men.

Dundee and Angus family photography

Occasionally I remember how important it is to be in the frame with my boys and I reluctantly hand over my camera (despite never being exactly photo ready!) 

It takes a deep breath but deep down I know I want my boys to look back on the thousands of images they'll have of themselves and their Dad and see a decent amount with me in them too, if only to remember that we were actually all there together!

You want this too, right?

So when I'm not rescuing small children from death defying stunts around my Monifieth home I love... 

  • a good ribeye steak

  • a bit of Sam Fender or Biffy

  • and Mulberry...ah Mulberry!

    but most of all I'm a girl who loves

Dundee and Angus family photography

If there are any spare seconds in my crazy boy filled house you will find me lurking behind my children, camera in hand desperately capturing every sticky, funny ounce of their littleness and trying my very best to tell their own little stories and our family story.

And that's why you're here too, isn't it?

You’re here because you want someone to tell yours!

Dundee and Angus family photography

And I'm all in...so tell me your story and let me capture it for you.

Dundee and Angus family photography
Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
— Aaron Siskind