Newborn photography in Angus and Dundee

Do you do newborn photography or home sessions in Dundee & Angus? I do indeed...

A window or two is useful here and this is definitely something that we should have a longer chat about before you book.

In home sessions can be really chilled and relaxed.

If you have a newborn and you’re still at the stage where you can’t actually figure out how to get out of the house, then I can come to you!

Let’s face it, when the sleep deprivation is oh so real and you are living from one feed to the next then not having to get out and about can make life a whole lot simpler.

A home session can work around your family and your routine. We can capture little moments of connection between your newborn and the whole family.

You have managed to capture our love for him and I can’t thank you enough
— Dee

And just because this is a more relaxed style of session doesn’t mean we can’t do some simple posing.

It won’t be your baby with lots of different props but we can definitely do a wrap or two and make sure we have some images of your baby that will last the test of time and remind you just how tiny they really were.

And the best bit about these sessions is that I get some proper baby snuggles. Totally selfish motive!

Home sessions with slightly older kiddies can be just as simple and just as much fun.

Your children can play with their toys and we can capture you all in your own space. The images can be really natural and be completely personalised to you because they show your lifestyle.

Just be prepared for me hunting down 'good light' which could mean me having a nose round the rooms in your home and possibly moving a bit of furniture here and there.

It's all for a good cause...we want you to look fabulous and great light is always where we start.

At the end of the day it's all about family...your family and your story.

or not quite yet? You still have questions? 

That's dandy, then you want to be heading here to find the answers...