Family photographer Dundee and Angus

I'm Gemma, I'm a family photographer in Dundee and Angus...

and I'm so glad we've found each other!'re here because life is a chaotic blur of stress and mess, giggles and smiles and you want to capture every second and every detail, well then...let's get started and find out if we 'click'.

Here's a little snippet of how I work with a family - grab a cuppy (or a prosecco - because well, why not?!) and enjoy...if it tickles your fancy, keep reading!

SO...If you're still reading it's because you love photography and what you're looking for is someone who gets you...someone who'll put you and your kids at ease, someone who will capture...

the love in your family.jpg
Family Photographer Dundee and Angus

You want your images to show

Family Photographer Dundee and Angus

and oh do I!

So why would you come to me to get your photographs taken? What makes me different or special? (I'm going to try and do this as humbly as possible because blowing my own trumpet doesn't come naturally at all.)

Mainly you come to me because it’s fun when we’re together! You heard me…I said fun!

There is a ton of laughter in a photography session and where there is laughter we get all the good stuff...natural smiles, fleeting expressions and a whole host of special moments that are true to who you are as a family and true to who they are as little people. I want to capture your family as you all are (well, as you are on a really good day, obviously!). And that’s what you want to remember, right?

Gemma has a wonderful way with adults and children alike. She made us laugh so much during the session and because of that our images are natural and fun compared to the typically staid, awkward studio shoots.
— Gina

You want to come to a session where you can actually relax and not stress about the kids playing up because the photographer has it sussed how to win them round. Oh and she has kids of her own so she totally gets it when they’re not on top form!

You want to come to a session where your significant other isn't forced into doing anything that makes him feel uncomfortable and instead is just having fun playing with his kids.You want a little nudge in the right direction on how to pose naturally and you want to feel good about yourself when you see the images. If you are looking for your children to be perfectly dressed and sitting beautifully in front of a backdrop then that’s great…but that’s not me I’m afraid. If you want to be outside chucking up leaves, telling rude jokes and having a giggle then keep sifting through and see what you think.

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I was so nervous that the boys would play up for our shoot but they had so much fun playing, giggling and exploring with you. The photos are so natural, Gemma. You captured them just the way I see them!
— Clare
Family photographer Dundee and Angus