This is Motherhood Angus family photographer

Well it’s fast approaching…that special day once a year when it’s all about you, glorious you.

Where you are fully appreciated for all you do all of the other days of the year.

Ah Mothers Day, how I love thee…

Breakfast in bed, flowers, chocolates, handmade cards….the works. That is after you’ve made everyone else’s breakfast, done a load of washing, emptied the dishwasher and been reminded that the other half is off to the football this afternoon. (If this is not the case please try hard not to rub it in!)

You have spent this last year caring and cooking and cleaning and cursing (silently of course) and you totally deserve something that in years to come will remind you of what your years of motherhood actually looked like.

So answer me this…

How many photographs do you have of yourself with your kids? Are they all selfies? Do you have any of them up on your walls?

I know what you’re thinking, you are about to start making excuses about why you can’t be in photographs. I do it myself. I need to lose weight, my hair needs done, I have snot on my clothes (snot belonging to the kids, not me!). But do you know what…your kids will never notice any of that. They just see you. Their mum. Even if they aren’t that fussed now, they will want to have photos of you together eventually. How sad would it be if they didn’t have that? How sad would it be if you didn’t either?

And all those things you’re worried about, they can all be sorted. A little posing tweak here and there and we’ll have you looking and feeling fabulous in no time!


Let’s capture it. Your kids. Your relationship. Your connection. Your love for one another.

Come out to play! Get yourself and the kids all prettied up and we will pop out and make some memories - good ones!

So are you thinking about it? Are you about to send your other half the link? Or one of the kids? Hint hint! (They need it don’t they!)

Well here’s what you get.


A mini session and 3 beautifully finished digital files for




Upgrade to all of the digital files from your session for


Approximately 20 images.

A digital file is usually £35 each so this offer is…well, pretty decent really!

These sessions will run on selected Saturday’s throughout April and May. There are a limited number of sessions available.

If you have specific date requirements please ask at the time of booking…I’m a people pleaser. We’ll get you sorted out.

Well? Have I convinced you? Are you thinking…yes, I bloomin’ want this! Fab! Fill out the form below and we’ll get you sorted.

Do you do vouchers?? I sure do.

And by the way…aren’t you just the best son/daughter/husband ever! I have good vouchers too…look! They’re all pretty. Just pop your details below, give me a shout via Facebook or give me a call (how very old fashioned of you!) and I’ll have you sorted in a jiffy.

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T’s & C’s

  • Sorry dads, this one is just for the mums (I know, you are totally gutted aren’t you! Lol!)

  • Vouchers received in previous promotions/competitions are not valid for use in a mini-session.