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How to rock styling your family for an autumn photo shoot.

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I’ve not had time to go imaginary shopping this year…mainly because I have been shopping for my own family’s photography session. (Yes, photographers do actually hire other photographers to do this. It’s a whole love of photography thing. Well that and the fact that you never actually get to be in the picture yourself unless someone has taken a blurry, out of focus, bad angled shot of you!)

But in choosing my own family’s outfits I basically followed the advice given below which I wrote last year for all of you. These outfits aren’t currently available in the shops mentioned but the colours most definitely are and you’ll pick up similar styles of everything mentioned with ease.

We opted for the Very Berry edit (shown below) as this suited my family’s colouring the best.

So if you are coming out to play this year with me and my big girl camera then this blog should help you get a feel for colour combinations that will look stunning against an autumnal backdrop and help you prepare for all the leave chucking madness that will ensue! Enjoy…

I’m not gonna lie…blogging this week has been fun!

Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to get a copy of Twinkle every week? (If you are not of this generation then I would rather you just nodded along and politely pretended that you knew what I was talking about!)

On the back of the magazine there were these little cardboard pop out dolls and they came with two or three wee outfits that you could pop out too. The outfits had little tabs on the tops and sides and you folded them onto the dolls to dress them up.

My Mum always refused to let me do anything with the dolls until I had read the magazine from cover to cover. Could never in a million years tell you what the magazine was about but I so loved those little cardboard dolls.

This week was a Twinkle week.

For the first time since I was about five I got to dress up my own little imaginary family. My budget was unlimited too, so I made the most of it! It has been fun and there might have been a few sneaky purchases made along the way but that’s ok because I’ve arranged delivery for when the other half is out! As you do!

And so the main purpose of this is to help out anyone who is still unsure of how to style a family photography session. I’ve blogged about this in the past and have offered suggestions but this week I wanted to show you what you could get in the shops right now that would tick all the boxes.

I would never in a million years expect a client to head out before a session and buy completely new outfits for everyone in the family but I hope to show you what sort of things go nicely together and how picking a few colours for a scheme can work well to keep your images looking harmonious.

I’ve also tried to pick out schemes that will fit really nicely in an autumn setting.

And it’s worthwhile thinking about the colours you have in your home. What colour scheme would tie in with the décor in the room where you are planning on hanging them? I know, it’s being a tad particular but hey, if you’re gonna do a job right and all that.

So without further ado…

The Very Berry Edit

This edit has been taken from Joules.

How to rock styling your family for an Autumn photo shoot (1).jpg

I love a wee hint of burgundy and those wee girlie wellies! Too cute! A poncho is quite nice if you have a few bits you’d like to keep a little bit hidden but make sure you show a bit of figure by teaming it with a skinny jean.

And who would brave a beret? Don’t be afraid of popping on a well placed accessory but just make sure that it’s your style. You don’t want to appear in your images to be someone other than who you normally are. We’re going for capturing the real you…just on a really good day!

The mustard/custard edit.

This edit has been taken from Boden

How to rock styling your family for an Autumn photo shoot (3).jpg

This is such a fabulous colour scheme for the Autumn.

I love Boden for clothes. They are a little bit more classic and for photographs that is actually quite important. Classic looks ensure your images are a little more timeless. Trends come and go quickly, if you dress for them your photographs will age quickly. Think classic colour combinations and classic styles. You want to be able to hang your images on your walls for years to come without looking back and cringing at the clothing choices.

I love a bit of the mustard/custard for my own boys and this family got it so right with a hint of the mustard mixed in with a burnt orange/burgundy. Yes yes, autumn styling yumminess!

The shades of grey edit.

(Not exactly 50 but a few shades at least!)

The kids in this edit have been taken mainly from White Company.

Oh White Company, how I love thee!

How to rock styling your family for an Autumn photo shoot (4).jpg

White Company does children’s clothes so so well, but they don’t do dads’ at all, unless you’re after some really nice jammies.

Therefore…Dad is kitted out in bloke’s favourite Superdry.

Mum is rocking a bit of Phase Eight.

And the shoes are all Clarks apart from Dad, who is in Timberland.

For this edit I was actually thinking beach session. Yes you can do a beach session in the autumn. It’s cold but doable. And for this one I thought I’d keep Dad super happy and super comfy.

He’s always the first one I recommend dressing because he’s typically the one who feels the most uncomfortable with the idea of having photographs taken. Keep him comfy and happy and then dress the rest of the family around him!

The last minute edit

This edit is taken from Next. Lets face it, when you are short of time you go there for the next day delivery option. Life with kids means you’re always chasing your tail so this is for all the headless chicken folk out there just like me!

How to rock styling your family for an Autumn photo shoot (2).jpg

The mum’s jacket is Joules and the dad’s gilet is Jack Wills but both are available from Next.

Green is oh soo perfect for an autumn session and the chunky knitwear gives this edit texture which always photographs well. Trapper hats for boys are super cute…if you can get them to keep them on! Or is it just my boys that won’t wear hats. Probably is! This little guy rocked his trapper!

How to rock styling your family for an autumn photo shoot.jpg

The Smarty Pants edit

Well I couldn’t exactly write a blog post about what to dress your family in without including this adorable slice of kiddie clothing heaven.

It’s local which is fab…we like supporting and buying local! Wink wink, nudge nudge.

How to rock styling your family for an autumn photo shoot 6..jpg

And as I’m sure you’ll know already, it has the most adorable kids clothes that are extra special. This edit is for a younger girl and boy and I’ve included a couple of options that would work nicely within an autumn setting.

Some of these also fit nicely within some of the other edits so if you have really little ones to include in your session then you could start here with them and then work back through the other edits to tie them in with the rest of the family.

The furry hood is a favourite of mine. It frames the face so well in a photograph.

how to rock styling your family for a photo shoot.

Couldn’t resist throwing in a Hunter welly somewhere along the line and the little blue boots are by Chipmunks.

But, to be honest, my favourite ever shoes for teeny feet are Inch Blues. And they just so happen to have a gorgeous wee selection of these at Smarty Pants too!

And that’s us for this week. Oh it was so much fun. Now if only I had an unlimited budget to go shopping with every week!

But please remember, I am not expecting/suggesting that you should rush out and purchase a full new wardrobe for a session.

Go through your clothes and see what you have that ties in with one another.

Start with outerwear and shoes as these are usually the thing you see the most in photos and they’re often the last thought about.

Co-ordinate, don’t match.

No clothes with large writing/characters on it and for the love of all things good in this world if it is neon, save it for an 80’s disco.

So which edit was your favourite and why?

G x